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Dancing into 2023 with a Blog, Welcome!

Hello to all of you and welcome to our little slice of the wedding blog universe.

It is January 1st, and I have rewritten this intro paragraph a few different times. I've had this drafted for a couple of weeks now and I decided this morning to be a little more graceful with myself. I will spare the "new year new me" theatrics, but last night at midnight while many were out celebrating, I was at home in bed with my family and writing out my 2023 goals.

One of my goals this year is to be more graceful with myself.

You know that feeling you get when you have a brilliant idea, and you cannot stop thinking about it. Like, all day. Now lets multiply that feeling by 100. We all know it. And it's happened to me many of times. This time in particular, I wanted to create a blog. To be truthful, I have always thought it would be fun to have a blog. But I never knew what I would possibly even blog about.

I wouldn't be able count how many times that I've had this thought, but I can tell you it has been about two years since I wanted to start one focused on weddings. I didn't want to create a blog to be an *it girl*. I wanted to have one to actually serve as a resource for those that are finding themselves planning for a wedding or even for those who work in the industry. (And for those of you who aren't aware I am a Dallas Texas Wedding Planner located in North Texas.)

Without fail, the intrusive thoughts would set in and of course I would find myself with filled with doubt "oh, who am I kidding -- no one would read my blogs" or the "I have other things I can be prioritizing to better serve my couples".

"DING!" A new wedding gallery drops in my inbox and again, I get so happy looking through all the magical memories made and the thoughts would flood my mind -- "I have to share this stunner with everyone! I need to share the unique elements, and lessons learned with this one." But you know what? Self-doubt called and quickly put that to rest.


I am capable of creating this blog. A blog that maybe only one person will learn from. A blog that maybe 100 people will learn from. The point is, I have so many topics, tips, tricks, vendors and even galleries to share with you all.

And lets be real, there is so much room for growth here as well. And we love that! You can never stop learning, so while I share my blogs with you all, I ask that you too be graceful with me.

Here I am walking into 2023 and I can proudly say that Nothing But Love Weddings + Events has served over 75 couples on their wedding day.

For some of you, that may not be a lot. But just know that over here, we are celebrating the small wins this year. (With what is already booked and what we are trending to book in the next 12 months, we will be over 100 in no time. STAY TUNED for that because we will be doing a giveaway!) EEEKKKKK!!!

To wrap up this first blog, I want to go ahead and set the tone for you all to know what to expect moving forward:

  • I am writing this blog in a perspective of who I am. While I want to remain professional, I want you all to know that I am too, relatable. So you will see my voice, and personality shine through these posts.

  • There will be 2 blog posts a month. (Until I get this blogging under control, I will limit that to two a month.)

  • Topics discussed: ALL THE WEDDING THINGS. From sharing fun and unique elements, budgeting tricks, décor hacks, timeline suggestions and even some downloadable PDFs.

  • There will be many galleries shared!

  • There will be interviews of other wedding vendors.

  • There may eventually be some sponsored ads trickled into these posts.

  • There may eventually be other vendors included in co-writing.


With all of that being said - thank you for making it this far. We look forward to all the things to come! See you in two weeks!




Photobooth: @legacybooth

Catering + Bar: @vestalscatering

Champagne Wall + Neon's: @warehouseroseevents

**You may see these photos again in a future post highlighting this fun wedding!**


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