Get to know your planner

You could say that Nothing But Love has been a long time dream, come to reality for owner, Jacilyn Tucker. Do you remember the game MASH? I am sure you guessed it - she always adding 'wedding planner' as one of the three jobs she would have. Growing up, being a part of something so special and magical seemed out of reach for her. Little did she know, her career path at Topgolf, would usher her into the world of events and hospitality.

Continuously striving for growth, producing some of the top numbers in the sales department across the brand and collaborating with some of the largest brands/teams on the market today - no event was too big or too small.


In 2017, after 6 amazing years and two states, Jacilyn made the decision to part ways with Topgolf, leave the beautiful state of Colorado and she relocated back to Texas. Once back in Texas, the main goal was to focus on the family she's created. Quickly into motherhood, the FOMO grew and  she couldn't stand the thought of missing out on her true calling. There was something about the little details and constant strive for creativity that kept the ambers lit.. After getting the chance to assist with one wedding, the fire was reignited - eager to learn every trick of the trade,  and put smiles on faces at the end of the production was where it was at. You could say that she's got nothing but love, for the industry + her clients.

"NBL truly is a representation of myself and those I surround myself with. We strive to remain professional while still being genuine and approachable. Handling the details with love and intent are an integral part of how we operate." - Jacilyn